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a positive alternative to halloween

31 October

Many parents are not happy about their children trick or treating. Others do not approve of how Halloween celebrates darkness and fear with scary masks, costumes or activities. A Light Party is a family oriented event that provides fun and positive values in a safe environment for the children in our community. We run a fun themed night with decorations, activities, games, sausage sizzle and plenty of lollies.

And while the kids enjoy themselves the parents can enjoy

hot barista made coffees & hot chocolates.

Each year we pick a theme and have loads of fun! Keep an

eye out for details of this year's event.

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Avondale Community Christmas Carnival

A free fun family oriented event for the people in our community of Avondale to celebrate Christmas. We aim to bring families within the Avondale community together and provide fun safe activities for people to enjoy and celebrate Christmas together as a community. We have rides, carnival games, popcorn, candyfloss, bouncy castles, Christmas carols, photo booth, face painting and more. Something fun for everyone.

Keep an eye out for details of this year's event.


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