We are passionate about seeing a strong, city-wide community of believers equipped and empowered with the transforming love and presence of God.

Our vision is to reach all peoples with the gospel, supporting one another in the expansion of God’s Kingdom and continually bringing people into a dynamic encounter with Jesus Christ.


We aim to be relevant, contemporary and prophetic in our message and lifestyle.


Core Values

We believe that every person has been gifted by God and has a significant role to play in seeing the Kingdom of God established.


  • each person to be growing in their personal commitment as a disciple of Jesus Christ

  • each person to be led into personal freedom by the power and impact of the Holy Spirit

  • each person to be equipped, released and supported in their God given gifting and calling.

  • each person seeking to be involved in the process of bringing others to Jesus Christ.



  • a community of believers who love one another and worship together

  • an effective prophetic people

  • mission focused with active, relevant and effective involvement in evangelism both local and overseas.


We Believe

  • In the deity of the complete Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the One true God.

  • In the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and that He by His death on the cross, atoned for our sins so we accept salvation by faith, through His shed blood and that without His saving Grace, all are lost.

  • In His bodily resurrection from the grave, bodily second coming and the ultimate resurrection of all men either to life or damnation.

  • that the true church is made up of born again believers.

  • In the necessity of the baptism in the Holy Spirit for effective and powerful service and in the present work of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to conform the believer to the image of Christ.

  • In Christ’s Great Commission to preach the gospel, baptise believers and make disciples of all nations.

Our Pastors:
Brent & Patricia Douglas

Senior Leaders


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